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Adventure Info

Kayaking is the sport of traversing sea or river waters with the use of a kayak. In it, you sit in a small narrow boat and propel yourself with a double-bladed paddle. This activity originated in Greenland as a means for fishing, for Eskimos. In the 20th century, Eskimos left kayaks for motor boats but the activity quickly gained fame among thrill seekers and has become a prominent adventure sport all over the world. Most of the kayaks have closed decks, though inflatable and sit-on-top kayaks are also becoming popular.

Like every sport, there are some requirements for kayaking as well, and the first thing is the equipment. A kayak, paddle, life jacket and a helmet are a must. It is also convenient if you have a wetsuit or a drysuit. Regular clothes can be an obstacle and if you have the option of having such protective suit, it is better to get it. A spray skirt creates a seal around the waist of the paddler and resists water from coming inside the kayak. These few items are important and you must use these every time you try the sport.